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Robby Mueller self portrait


I am a photographer born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and made the move to the "big city" of Chicago where I studied 3 years at Columbia College Chicago, all to subsequently drop out due to the allure of clients based in the Los Angeles area. I have been working constantly since 2014 (there was an interesting time period around 2020, but I think we can all relate to that) with a broad range of clients from beauty to automobiles. 

My goal is to create a visual identity that every client can successfully market as well as creating lasting relationships with each of these clients to continue to evolve together in the fast paced world of marketing and imagery.

I am available worldwide and would love the opportunity to chat if you've got a moment. 


Samsung / Revanesse /  Honest Beauty / Z Supply / Jacques Marie Mage / Maxfield LA / Projects Social T / Giovanni Cosmetics / Kith / Revolve 

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