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I'm Robby Mueller, a commercial and fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in commercial photography and have been working in the industry for over a decade. In 2014, I made the move to LA and have been fortunate enough to work with a diverse range of clients from all over the world. My portfolio includes major brands, advertising agencies, and everything in between. I'm passionate about creating visually stunning and impactful imagery that captures the essence of a brand or product. I'm always experimenting with new techniques and pushing the boundaries of my art to ensure my work stands out from the crowd. Whether I'm shooting on location or in the studio, I'm dedicated to delivering interesting work that depicts both what the client wants while also ensuring my creative spin can be put onto it. Thanks for stopping by my site, and I look forward to working with you!

Robby Mueller Blackburn




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